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[td]Requesting Graphics. Warning[/td]
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Requesting Graphics.

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biggri Requesting Graphics.

Post by Brawly on Sun Jan 02, 2011 5:44 pm

Requesting Graphics. Isuppo10

    Hello, you must first read the rules of the request section before your request is approved and completed. Failure to follow these rules will result in loss of your weekly request (cannot request until later week) and continual abuse can result in an implementation of an infraction to your account. Having an infraction limits your posting and also loss of avatar. Below (listed) are the rules of this category;

    [♠] One request per week per user is the limitation of requests. In your requests, you can only request one item. Making multiple requests like buttons, navbars, backgrounds and etcetera is not permitted.

    [♠] Do not bump your topic unless separated by 72 hours. Your topic will be listed at top automatically if your request if the topic has not received satisfactory posts.

    [♠] You must always use the Graphics Request form when requesting graphics. Otherwise you will be notified, and if not completed within the time you are notified your request will be locked, garbaged, and you will not be permitted to request for a week.

Graphics Request Form
[b][color=#66CCCC]Description[/color] of request:[/b] INFORMATION HERE
[b][color=#66CCCC]Size[/color] of request (in pixels):[/b] INFORMATION HERE
[b][color=#66CCCC]Font & Text[/color] type and color (please provide url and hex codes (optional)):[/b] INFORMATION HERE
[b][color=#66CCCC]Forumotion[/color] URL (Forumotions only):[/b] INFORMATION HERE
[b][color=#66CCCC]Comments?[/color]:[/b] INFORMATION HERE

How it will look.

Description of request: INFORMATION HERE
Size of request (in pixels): INFORMATION HERE
Font & Text type and color (please provide url and hex codes (optional)): INFORMATION HERE
Forumotion URL (Forumotions only): INFORMATION HERE

Requesting Graphics. Btn_donateCC_LG


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