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Information clarifying the review section

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biggri Information clarifying the review section

Post by Brawly on Mon Aug 23, 2010 2:59 am

Welcome to one of our premium services. The review section is a great way to receive critique on your forum and how it can be improved. One of the reviewers will look over your forum and rate it accordingly to its categorization. However, any user on this forum can review your forum.

If for any reason you are not satisfied please mention it before you mark your review as completed. Once marked completed, you are unable to get another review for a period span of over 2 weeks.

Provided is the form you use to request a review. Please do not leave this thread and make a request, you must read the following offers and see if you are legible for a review.

 [b][color=#66cccc]Name of Forum:[/color][/b]
[b][color=#ccff33]URL of Forum (ForuMotion only):[/color][/b]
[b][color=#66cccc]Type of review:[/color][/b]
[b][color=#ccff33]Extra comments:[/color][/b]

  • Full Review: 200 Messages with 75 Users.
  • Two Area's Review: 200 Messages with 30 Users.
  • One Area Review: 30 Messages with 15 Users.
  • Quick Review: 30 Messages with 5 users
  • All Forum's will be in English unless the reviewer can speak the language.
  • Free Area Request: Design: You can request a review in Design (Forum Theme) without any users or messages. This don't include HTML Pages.

Areas to review:

  • Design/Theme (Free area review)
  • Graphic Design & Layout

  • General
  • Quick Review

Information about these reviews:

Graphic Design & Layout:
The first thing one notices when on a a web page are the graphics. Starting with the banner and the navigation menu. It is therefore favorable for a forum to have a reasonable design that also matches its theme. There's no point in having a flashy light design for a vampire forum for instance.

The design and layout give an impression of the site as a whole. If the categories are well placed or not make more of a difference then one would first think.
Design and Layout also takes into account several other variants such as the permission settings for instance. Permissions serve to choose who goes where and what stays private, hence a good use of these can thus enhance and/or simplify your forum management.

This aspect involves looking over at the how many staff/user groups there are, the staff/user activity, the number of messages posted on the forum and number of users on the forum.

Quick Review:
This criteria describes a quick/fast review which means a reviewer quickly glances at the forum and describes their first impression on the activity, color, organization, language etc.. of a forum and is written only in 1 paragraph with only a few sentences on it, this may be written in bullets describing also all the pros and cons of a forum.

This information was leeched from HELP.FORUMOTION.COM


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