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[td][READ] Rules of Forum Promotion Warning[/td]
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[READ] Rules of Forum Promotion

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biggri [READ] Rules of Forum Promotion

Post by Dumbledore27 on Thu Sep 02, 2010 6:18 am

Rules of Forum Promotion

  • You can propose your forum in this topic.

  • It's useless to try post a new topic in wanted category, you can't

  • Your Forum presentation must include the following:

    Category: Select a category from the list
    Forum name: Must include a name of your forum, not description: Correct: Graphixx : A forum for all Graphics Designers or Graphixx; Wrong: Join a forum for all Graphics Designers
    Forum Address: Link to your forum (http://...)
    Language: What language does your forum allow? NOTE: Only forums with main language English are accepted!
    Forum description: Describe your forum as good as possible

Don't forget that the introduction you'll post about your forum, will also be the showcase of the forum you're presenting. Make sure that it is precise and that it gives desire for others to visit your forum and, eventually to register.

Once your presentation is posted, you mustn't post in the "Forum presentations" topic again for the same forum. If a major change occurs on your forum, you have the possibility to reply in your presentation topic to notify the modifications to everyone.

post in your topic twice or more times within a 24 hour period
post only statistics (X members, X posts...), say "Bump", "Up", "Join now" etc. or ask members what they think of the forum... All posts have to be updates
propose forums not hosted by Forumotion
propose forums you don't administrate
promote forums that are against Terms Of Service

If you have any comments or you would apply for staff (on their forum), you may reply to the topic, but otherwise, this is reserved for topic starter.

REMINDER: Advertising by PM is forbidden!

If your presentation respects the rules rules, a moderator will move your post (which will be converted in topic) in the chosen category, within a reasonable period of time (average of 48 hours). If your presentation doesn't respect one or more of the points mentioned above your presentation will be refused and the reason(s) why it has been refused will be mentioned by the moderator and links will be removed.

Thank you for taking time and reading the rules.Smile

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